José Jiménez Ortiz (Torreón, 1980)

He holds a B.A. in Sociology by UAdeC. Currently a member of the National System of Art Creators in Mexico (SNCA 2016-2019). He has exhibited his work in museums in Mexico, Brazil, United States, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands. He represented Mexico in the VII Biennial of Mercosul in Brazil (2009). He has been a Fellow FONCA Young Artists Program (editions 2008, 2010 and 2013); Flora ars+natura residential and production Program in Colombia (2015); the Bancomer-MACG Contemporary Art Program (2010); Residential Program abroad FONCA-CONACYT (2011); Residency Program of Baden Württemberg Kunstiftung (2012); and Program Support for production and research Art and Media Center Multimedia-CNA (2012). He has taught workshops, lectures and seminars at institutions such as Tamayo Museum (2017); Flora Ars+natura in Colombia (2015); Pataphysical and psychogeographical Arts Center in Brazil (2012); the Kundstiftung Baden Württemberg in Germany (2012); Universidad Iberoamericana (2008 to date); SOMA space (2014), among others. He was a columnist for the Milenio newspaper (2002 to 2012), two-time winner of the State Prize Journalism in Coahuila (2004 and 2006). He has received honorable mentions in the Artemergente Biennial (2012), and the International Festival of Electronic Arts and Video TRANSITIO_MX 05 (2014). In 2014 he published the book Algorithms, Fear and Social Change, edited by CONACULTA. His work has been published in books and catalogs as VII Bienal do Mercosul, Brazil (2009); Mexico Inside Out, United States (2014); Architectural ellipsis, Mexico, (2013); Official myths, Mexico, (2013); Temporary abstraction, Museo Experimental El Eco, Mexico (2013), Der Tod in der mexikanischen Gegenwartskunst, Germany (2017), among others.